A while back, I posted about our switch from mainstream television providers to streaming with our newly purchased Roku’s. Well, it’s been raining all day and my Facebook feed has been inundated with people complaining about Direct TV service fading due to the storms, so I decided to follow up my previous post with a product review of the Roku.


Using the Roku as our streaming device of choice, we mainly use Netflix, Hulu Plus and Plex. That is just scratching the surface though, there are so many more options. Amazon’s Prime streaming service is also available as well as hundreds of other options. My husband likes to watch the History channel to catch up on Vikings, or the ESPN app to see the latest news. The point I am trying to make is that regardless of what you like to watch, chances are you can find your flavor of entertainment somewhere on this list.


There are four models available – Roku 1, Roku 2, Roku 3 and Roku Stick. You can view the models and compare them here. There are also Roku TV models, which we saw during a recent SAMS Club trip. You can view more information about the TV here.

We have two Roku 2 devices and one Roku 3 device. The flagship Roku 3 device powers the tv in our main living room, while the other two are in our bedroom and our daughters bedroom. We love both models, but the Roku 3 is definitely the better hardware. It is a good bit faster; not streaming speed really, just how quickly it opens applications.

The drawback with this is just the same as any internet based service or hardware; if you don’t have internet then you don’t have the service. That’s really the only downfall, and it’s not a major negative as highspeed internet rarely sees an outage, unless your hardware fails or you don’t pay your bill :p.

So let’s do the math real quick. Direct TV was costing us about $200 a month, more in the fall with Sunday Ticket (my husband is going to miss that!). Comcast pricing was around the same when we had it. We spent about $160 on all three devices. We don’t even need a calculator here! We paid for our hardware after the first month of cancelling our service. We are using our internet, which we were already paying for, and we pay under $20 a month for Netflix, Hulu and Plex Pass. Talk about bang for your buck eh?

The Roku is quick, reliable and was worth every penny we spent, which wasn’t much at all. We can watch what we want, when we want and are not jammed up with scheduling our lives around programming times. I recommend it to anyone who is looking to save money or step their entertainment game up! Thanks again, Joe!

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