In the past few months or so the husband and I decided to crack down on extra spending. Yup, that’s right! After years of discussing it, we’re finally doing it! Of course the woman in me went straight to Pinterest looking for ways to save money and I did find some ways to save but my husband had something better in mind. He suggested we eliminate our cable bill by cancelling Direct TV and purchasing Roku’s for every room in the house!

ChannelStore_MostPopularAfter some thorough research, we decided it was what was best. So once we received the extra money at tax time we purchased 3 Roku’s (one Roku 3 for the main television in the living room and two Roku 2’s for the bedrooms) and even got a small flat screen TV to replace the old box TV in Kylie’s bed room. All purchased from our local Best Buy (From their awesome store manager, Joe. I encourage everyone local to deal directly with him.).  For those of you who do not know, Roku is basically internet streamed television. I can watch all of the same things I watched on Direct TV. I may have to wait a day or so after it’ aired but it is still possible.

We went from paying almost $200 a month to paying under $20 a month. Roku offers over 2,000 channels. The streaming channels we chose to use are Netflix and Hulu Plus. We also have Plex which is a media streamer that we use. Originally we had bought the Western Digital Media Player but shortly after purchasing we discovered Plex. Therefore, we ended up returning the Western Digital Media Player (Sorry Joe!).

Roku also offers FREE channels… That’s right, FREE! They offer PBS, PBS For Kids, Crackle, & Smithsonian channel.  One specific thing that I love about it, is that it has Pandora. That has come in handy on our journey to get Kylie to sleep in her own bed. All I have to do is put on Pandora and not long after, she is out like a light.

I have been able to watch older shows that I wanted to watch that I just didn’t have time for. I can watch one episode at a time, or binge watch an entire season in one day (if I don’t want to be a productive person of society that is.) I have been able to introduce Kylie to shows that I watched when I was a kid, like Clarissa Explains it All and Sabrina the Teenage Witch (we are not Melissa Joan Hart fans in any way HEHE). It really has been great. I absolutely do not miss Direct TV. Did I mention that it’s been great on our wallet? Check out Roku and what they have to offer!

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