I met my husband, David, in October of 2003, when I was 15, just a sophomore in high school and he was 19. We met through mutual friends. Sounds kind of rebellious, right? A younger girl dating an older guy? Don’t get to excited now, we didn’t hit it off right away. In fact, it was just the opposite. He thought I was a bit stuck up because I wouldn’t give him the time of day and I thought he was a jerk. It wasn’t until we met a couple years later when I was a senior in high school that we seen each other differently and we started dating.. And then you could say the sparks flew!

In May of 2008 we found out about our unplanned blessing whom we now call Kylie Elizabeth and on January 9th, 2009 she made her world debut stealing the hearts of many… mainly mine! Being a mother is the best gift I have been given. She is the perfect combination of David and I. She is beautiful, smart, talented, funny, sweet, & sassy.. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

After I graduated I worked full time off and on at jobs that never really satisfied me. Once I had Kylie, I became a stay at home mom. When she turned 3, we decided to put her in an early learning center full time so that she could have that school setting experience before actually starting kindergarten. I went back to work full time for a corporate vets office. I enjoyed it for almost 2 years but it got to a point where I wasn’t completely happy… in fact I was miserable. Once my time there had run its course, Kylie had just a month or so before summer was over. So I pulled her from the early learning center and spent as much time as I could with her. However, that time couldn’t last, she had other plans… KINDERGARTEN!

10606514_10202784255148482_7735350162464334039_nSo that brings me here… David suggested some time ago that I should start a blog. I didn’t take him seriously, mainly because I hadn’t done my research. After really thinking about it and knowing that home is where I belong, I decided why not start that blog David had mentioned. So, here I am and I hope to not disappoint you! I could not be more excited about this new adventure! I actually didn’t realize how excited I was until I actually started blogging. When my husband was building this site for me I was excited. However, he was ecstatic. I think that’s because he was doing what he loves for the woman he loves (at least that’s what I’m telling myself LOL). Now that I am actually blogging, I am over the moon excited and I believe it’s because I am doing what I love.

A special ‘Thank You’ to my amazing husband, David,  for helping me find my passion and for the countless hours that he spent building this website. I love you so much, David!

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