Hey guys! Last week I decided to revamp this old mirror that I have had for about 11 or 12 years now.

A little back history on this mirror; it originally belonged to an old friend of mine. Life took us in different directions but she still played a very big part in my life for so long and I not only love the mirror because of how it looks but, I love it for what it represents. Every time I look at this mirror it takes me back to my childhood and makes me think about my old friend.0405161108-02.jpeg

We have lived in our new home for about 7 months now. We FINALLY hung the mirror in our bedroom about 2 months ago. However, it didn’t really match the room and my future plans for the room. I am slowly transitioning areas of our home because I eventually want our house to have that modern rustic look and feel.

0415161019-01.jpegFor starters, I knew I wanted to use chalk paint. Chalk paint is a no prep paint and it also great for distressing. The mirror already had a distressed look to it and I wanted to keep it that way. I went to our local Wal*Mart in hopes of finding the chalk paint and I did. I came across a really awesome inexpensive line, Waverly Inspirations. I purchased elephant gray, plaster white, and a clear wax for the finishing coat. With the paint and the paint brushes I spent about $20.

Next, I had to scrub the frame of the mirror with a finger nail brush. It had dirt and dust in the creases that had built up over time. I used vinegar and water for this step. Once it was cleaned to my standards I taped around the edges of the mirror with painters tape.

I then began painting the frame with the elephant gray chalk paint. I repeated this step three times to make sure that I covered the frame completely. The up side to using chalk paint is it dries very quickly. By the time I painted one whole side, the side I painted previously was almost completely dry.

0407161328-01.jpegAfter I completed painting the mirror using the grey paint, I went on to paint it with the white paint. I just lightly brushed the white paint over the mirror. I didn’t want to cover the gray completely because I wanted that distressed look.

Once I was done with the white paint and once it dried, I took a small piece of sand paper we had lying around and I decided to distress it just a little more so that you could see parts of the original frame shining through. I did it on accident actually and just went with it because it looked great.

0407161738.jpg0415161022-01.jpegFinally I went ahead and lightly coated the frame of the mirror with the clear wax. The clear wax had to dry for 24 hours so I let it sit out over night and a good part of the next day before returning it to its rightful home.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the finished product! It turned out absolutely gorgeous. For $20 and literally only a couple of hours of my time, I’d say it was a job well done.


Get your Waverly Inspirations Chalk Paint here.



It turned out really nice!


Thank you so much!

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