When David and I started therapy, we decided to change a lot about our marriage. One of those things being spending more quality time with one another away from our daily routines. We decided to plan date nights! I have to share with you our very first date night experience since we made the decision to put ourselves first.

0114151844After pointing out to David that I was interested in attending Paint Nite, he surprised me with tickets for Paint Nite as part of my Christmas present. He had originally bought tickets for Paint Nite hosted at Dead Freddies in Ocean City, MD but enough tickets were not sold for that event for them to host it so we were given the option to get a full refund on our tickets or to chose a different location for a later date. We opted for the different location at a later date.

We attended Paint Nite hosted at Evo Craft Brewing Co. and let me just it was awesome! When we entered the room they were hosting it in, there were tables lined up with blank canvases on both sides of the tables with aprons draped over each chair. Once we chose our seats, a waitress came over and offered to get us something to eat and/or eat. We each ordered a drink and then decided to split an appetizer.

0114152106aAt first I was extremely nervous that the people who were in attendance were probably pro’s at painting. Boy, was I wrong about that! Once it was time to begin the class, the instructor specifically asked, “How many of you are Paint Nite virgins?” Of course everyone chuckled like little school girls and raised their hands! Suddenly I wasn’t nervous anymore.

The atmosphere was great and so were the instructors. Painting turned out to be a lot easier than I had expected. The instructors were very encouraging that we make our paintings our own! It was great to see how creative everyone was with their paintings. David and I were able to relax and enjoy ourselves and each other. Once everyone finished their paintings, the instructors let us line up so we could take pictures with our paintings in front of the Paint Nite sign.

We enjoyed Paint Nite so much that we decided to do it once every couple of months. We also decided that we would keep both of our paintings from our first time and that from here on out we would gift one painting from each Paint Nite we attend. Sorry in advance to those we gift them to!

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