I am wifey to him. I am mother to them.

I was born and raised in Maryland, on the Eastern Shore.

Coffee by day. Wine by night.

My favorite pass time is spending quality time with family & friends.

Music speaks to my soul. I absolutely love it and believe it is the solution to many problems.
Music on; World off.

I chose to see the best in others even after they have shown me their worst because I know what it’s like to be flawed.

Being positive is really a series of thought processes, so happiness is really about a mindset.

I’ve recently discovered my faith and how much I enjoy going to church.
That doesn’t mean I’m perfect or claim to be, I just know that I have faith in God and his plan for me and my family. +++

I’ve worked full time off and on since I graduated but I’ve found what I enjoy most is being a stay at home mom.

When I grow up I want to be a singer but I’ve been told I shouldn’t quit my day job, so I’ll just stick to what I know.